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Will A Husqvarna Blade Fit A Stihl? [ Quick Answer ]

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Answer: Standard driver widths used by Husqvarna and Stihl are 058 and 063, respectively. Neither the Husqvarna bar groove nor the Stihl chain will fit. Other choices and driver sizes exist, but we won’t go over them in this instructable in order to keep it clear and simple.

Yes, a Husqvarna blade will fit a Stihl. The two brands use a standard sizing system for their blades, so a blade from one will fit on the other. This is convenient if you have a Husqvarna saw but need a different blade for a particular job, or if you come across a good deal on a blade but don’t want to buy a whole new saw. There are some slight variations between the two brands, but nothing that will affect the compatibility of their blades.

1Can I Use Husqvarna Chain On Stihl Chainsaw

You can run any brand of chain, however, if the pitch, gauge, and drive link count are the same, just as you can mount any brand of tire on your car if the sidewall numbers are the same. With the tension adjuster, a one drive link difference can occasionally be made up.

2Will Any Chainsaw Chain Fit Any Chainsaw

Not every saw will work with every bar or chain. For instance, because it requires more effort to drive a chain around a long bar, larger chainsaw bars are best paired with more potent saws. Therefore, 18″ and shorter bars are used with electric saws. In a similar manner, chainsaw chains are sized to fit particular bars.

3How Do You Harden Steel After Forging

Although forging could make products stronger, the hardness is still not very high. After forging, heat treatment may be used to achieve high strength and hardness. And the most practical and economical way to increase the strength and toughness of steel forgings is through quenching and tempering.

4Can You Put A Different Size Blade On A Chainsaw

Up to three different bar sizes can typically be used with chainsaws. The size of guide bars ranges from 14 to more than 40 inches, measured from the tip of the bar to the heel. To find out what size bars your saw can handle, check the specifications in the operator’s manual for your model.

can you put a different size blade on a chainsaw

5How Do I Know What Chainsaw Blade I Need

Simply count three rivets on the chain and measure the space between them starting from their center points to get the right size. For your size, divide this by half. For instance, multiplying three rivets that are each 12 inch across by two results in a pitch of 14 inch.

6What Happens If Chain Too Loose On Chainsaw

In the course of routine use, chainsaw chains sag on the guide bar of the saw. A chainsaw chain that is allowed to become too slack can easily come off the bar while in use, putting the user in danger. It is important to regularly check and tighten the chainsaw chain tension.

7Are Chainsaw Bars And Chains Universal

No, chainsaw bars aren’t available everywhere. There isn’t a chainsaw bar that fits all saws. Brand and model are always important factors to consider when buying a new chainsaw bar to replace an old or damaged one. In the majority of cases, you can swap out the bar on your STIHL chainsaw for one from a Husqvarna.

8How Big Of A Tree Can A 20 Inch Chainsaw Cut

A tree with an 18-inch diameter could be cut down with a chainsaw with a 20-inch blade.

9Are There Different Types Of Chain Saw Blades

There are four primary types of chainsaw blades or cutters: square chisel, full chisel, semi-chisel, and low profile.

10What Are The Different Types Of Chain Saw Blades

There are four primary types of chainsaw blades or cutters: square chisel, full chisel, semi-chisel, and low profile.

what are the different types of chain saw blades

11How Much Play Should A Chainsaw Blade Have

Without much effort, it should “give” away from the bar by about a quarter inch. Finally, tighten the bar nuts while maintaining your grip on the bar’s tip. With the right chain tension, your chainsaw will operate more safely, make better cuts, and last longer.

12How Long Should A Chain Saw Blade Stay Sharp

If a tool is used frequently, it will need to be sharpened frequently to prevent the blade from becoming too dull. A chainsaw that is rarely used may only need to be sharpened once a year. A chainsaw blade will typically keep its edge after actively cutting through wood for about three hours.

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