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What Happens During Synaptic Pruning Quizlet? – Expert Opinion

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Answer: A process in brain development known as synaptic pruning causes a large number of previously formed synapses to wither away, especially if they have not been used frequently. — Then, neurons are moved to new locations. Myelination is the development of a fatty sheath around neurons that enables rapid message transmission.

Synaptic pruning is a process that occurs in the brain during early childhood. It is a natural process that helps to shape the brain and make it more efficient.

The process of synaptic pruning begins before birth and continues until about age two. During this time, the brain is developing rapidly and making connections between neurons. The connections that are not used are eliminated through a process called synaptic pruning.

The elimination of these unused connections helps to make the brain more efficient by reducing its size and complexity. This allows for more energy to be used on other tasks, such as learning new skills or solving problems.

1How Does Synaptic Pruning Affect The Adolescent Brain Quizlet

The brain prunes away the connections that are not being used. The brain operates much more effectively as a result of this. Myelination is the second process that takes place in the brain during adolescence.

2What Occurs During The Process Of Synaptic Pruning Quizlet

Excess neurons and synapses are removed during synaptic pruning; those that have not formed a connection with a neighboring cell will perish.

3What Is The Role Of Progenitor Cells In The Nervous System Quizlet

How do progenitor cells function in the nervous system? They are the precursor cells for both neurons and glia. Radial glial cells produce the fibers along which neurons move throughout the brain to reach their final locations.

4What Is Piaget’S Theory Of Cognitive Development Quizlet

The theory of cognitive development by Piaget is a comprehensive theory about the origins and growth of human intelligence. He held the opinion that a person’s early years have a significant influence on how they develop. Stage development theory is the name given to his theory.

piaget focused on how early years shape development. he mostly discussed stage development theory as part of his ideas.

5What Is The Purpose Of Vtp Quizlet

The VLAN information is configured and managed on a VTP server. Based on advertisement exchanges over trunk links, VTP servers inform other switches of their VLAN configurations. In order to preserve VLAN data when the switch is turned off, a VTP server stores VLAN data in NVRAM.

6How Does The Brain Change During Adolescence Quizlet

Increased synaptic connections significantly. occurs around the time puberty starts, and is also referred to as exuberance or overproduction. The frontal lobes are where it is concentrated the most.

7Which Explains A Relationship Between Malnutrition And Cognitive Deficits Quizlet

Which is implied by the connection between nutritional deficiencies and cognitive impairments? Malnutrition can harm neurons, which can cause language impairment and other problems.

8Which Subfield Within Psychology Examines The Physical Cognitive And Social Aspects Of Change Across The Life Span Quizlet

Psychology of development. a subfield of psychology that examines how people’s bodies, minds, and social environments change over time.

9What Is The Process Of Myelination Quizlet

The method by which myelin, a fatty substance that has the effect of accelerating nerve impulse transmission from neuron to neuron, is applied to axons.

10What Area Of The Brain Is Associated With Planning Problem Solving And Making Moral Judgments Quizlet

Prefrontal lobe is the area of the brain in charge of making plans and solving problems, so these abilities advance. You have just finished 170 terms!

your frontal lobe is in charge of making plans and solving problems. you've just completed the 170 terms!

11What Are Snps And Why Are They Significant Quizlet

Why are SNPs significant and what do they entail? . polymorphism of a single nucleotide. 90% of the variation in human gene sequences is caused by the smallest type of genetic change, which occurs in genes.

12Which Of The Following Is True Of Preoperational Children Quizlet

Which of the following is accurate regarding preoperational children, according to Jean Piaget? young children before surgery. lack the cognitive skills required to comprehend abstract concepts.

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