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What Does Dl Mean On Chainsaw Chain? [ Fast Answers ]

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Answer: Measurement by Gauge Drive links are the component parts of chainsaw chains that attach to the saw’s guide bar. The drive link is the chainsaw chain’s bottom link (see picture below). If you were to look at the drive links along the length of the chain, gauge would measure their thickness.

What does DL mean on Chainsaw Chain?

Chainsaws are tools used to cut wood or other materials. They come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their intended purpose. The most common types include hand saws, power saws, circular saws, jigsaws, and reciprocating saws.


DL stands for direct link. This refers to a type of connection between two devices. For example, a computer and printer can connect directly via USB cable.

1Why Is Stihl Not Sold At Lowes Or Home Depot

For Stihl Inc., image is important. The chain saw and other hand-held yard tool manufacturer with German ownership feels that highlighting the fact that it avoids selling through big-box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot strengthens its exclusivity. Only independent dealers can be used to purchase Stihl’s bright orange equipment.

2What Sizes Do Chainsaw Bars Come In

The most popular chainsaw bar sizes are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, and 22 inches. For easier tasks, a smaller chainsaw bar size is used. As an illustration, a chainsaw with an installed bar of 11 to 13 inches can be used as a delimber and to cut thin, small boards.

3Do All Chainsaw Chains Fit All Chainsaws

Chains for chainsaws can they be changed? Chainsaw chains are produced by numerous companies. Not all models can be interchanged between various brands. You need to be aware of the precise gauge, length, and pitch of the old chain if you decide to switch to a different brand of chain.

4Does Drive Links Matter On Chainsaw

Do chainsaw chains need drive links? For chainsaw chains, it’s crucial to have drive links. Drive links are essential for the operation of chainsaws; without them, the chain will not move, rendering the saw inoperable.

5What Does 73 Mean On A Chainsaw Chain

3/8 pitch,.058 gauge, or 73 = 1.5mm. 75 = 3/8 pitch . the 1.6mm or 063 gauge. 76 equals.050 gauge or 3/8 pitch, or 1.3mm.

6Does Gauge Matter On Chainsaw

A professional user can learn the strength of a chain’s drive links from the gauge measurement of a saw chain. Although heavier, thicker drive links are typically stronger. Weight has an impact on performance, so it should be kept as low as possible to maximize cutting speed.

7Do Drive Links Matter On Chainsaw Chain

Do chainsaw chains need drive links? Chains for chainsaws need drive links. Drive links are essential for the operation of chainsaws; without them, the chain will not move, rendering the saw inoperable.

8What Does The Number On A Chainsaw Drive Link Mean

The pitch, gauge, and other details of a Stihl® chain can be found by looking at the numbers on the side of the chain if it needs to be replaced. Example: The number 33RM2 is imprinted on the side of your chain. The pitch is indicated by the first number: 1 = 1/4″ 2 = 0.325″

9What Are The Numbers On A Chain Saw Chain

The drive link’s portion that fits into the guide bar’s groove is measured to determine the size. The standard saw chain gauge sizes are 050″ and 043″ (1.1mm) (1.3mm),

10How Do I Measure My Bar Size

To determine the bar’s actual length, measure it end to end. To determine the actual length, start your tape measure at one end of the bar and extend it to the tip on the opposite side. To determine the actual length of the chainsaw bar, round the measurement to the nearest inch.

11What Does 90 Mean On Chainsaw Chain

.043 gauge, or 1.1mm, or 90 = 3/8 low profile pitch. 91 equals.050 gauge, or 3/8 low profile pitch, or 1.3mm. 95 is equal to.325 pitch,.050 gauge, or 1.3mm.

12What Are The Numbers On Chainsaw Chain

(See illustration below) When replacing a Stihl® chain, you can find out the chain’s pitch, gauge, and other details by looking at the numbers on the side of the chain. Example: Your chain is marked with the number 33RM2 on one side. The chain’s characteristics are represented by the final three numbers (or letters).

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