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What Do The Numbers On A Chainsaw Blade Mean? – Q&A

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Answer: The last set of numbers indicates the number of drive links in the chainsaw chain that will operate on that particular bar. This bar has “72” stamped on it, so it requires a chain with 72 drive links. Depending on your bar size, the number of drive links can be anywhere between 28 and 210.

The numbers on a chainsaw blade indicate the length of the blade. The longer the blade, the more power it has. For example, a 16-inch blade has more power than a 14-inch blade.

1What Do Numbers On Chain Saw Blade Mean

The majority of consumer saws employ a 3/8 “the “low profile” chain. It is known as Picco. Several older saws utilize 1/2 “chain of pitches The drive lugs’ gauge, or thickness, is the second factor. The most frequent sizes are 0.050″ (1.3 mm) and 0.058″, while 0.043″ (1.1 mm) and 0.063” (1.6 mm) are less frequent.

2Do All Chainsaw Chains Fit All Chainsaws

Chains for chainsaws can they be changed? Chainsaw chains are produced by numerous companies. Not all models can be interchanged between various brands. You need to be aware of the precise gauge, length, and pitch of the old chain if you decide to switch to a different brand of chain.

3How Do You Measure The Pitch And Gauge Of A Chainsaw

To determine the pitch, measure the distance between any three rivets and divide by two. The tiny, rounded pegs known as rivets are what connect the chain’s various links. Calculate the distance between three consecutive rivets using your tape measure.

4How Do I Know What Chain My Saw Is

Where it attaches to the saw, which is typically near the back of the bar. For instance, the chain in the example on the right has 72 drive links and is 3/8″ pitch and 050″ gauge. You should now have all the knowledge necessary to purchase the right replacement chain for your saw.

how do i know what chain my saw is

5How Do I Know What Size Chain I Have

If you only have the sprocket, use calipers to measure the distance between the teeth to determine the chain size. To determine the pitch, measure the distance between the centers of the teeth where the chain roller would rest. You can decide what chain size you would need once you know the pitch.

6How Do I Know My Chain Size

The plates frequently have chain size stamped on them (i.e. 40, 08B, C2040, etc.). You can use the information provided by the manufacturer to look up the complete dimensions of your chain using these, which can be found as numbers or letters stamped on the exterior of the side plate.

7Where Do You Measure A Chainsaw Blade From

In order to determine the “length” or “effective cutting length” of a chainsaw: At the very tip of the bar, place a tape measure. To the point where the bar enters the chainsaw body, measure straight back. To the nearest even number, round that measurement up.

8How Do I Know What Chain Fits My Chainsaw

You need to count the drive links to get a chain that is the right size. (those tiny teeth on the chain’s underside). One suggestion is to start by taping a strip to the first link, then counting your way around. To get the proper chain size for your chainsaw, you need to know precisely how many there are.

9Will Any Chainsaw Chain Fit Any Chainsaw

Not every saw will work with every bar or chain. For instance, because it requires more effort to drive a chain around a long bar, larger chainsaw bars are best paired with more potent saws. Therefore, 18″ and shorter bars are used with electric saws. In a similar manner, chainsaw chains are sized to fit particular bars.

10How Long Is The Bar On My Chainsaw

Measure your chainsaw bar from its front tip all the way back to the cutter that is closest to the saw’s body to determine its called length. To convert this measurement to inches, round it up to the nearest even number. For instance, a bar that is actually 18 3/4″ long will be called 20″.

how long is the bar on my chainsaw

11Is The Bar Length The Same As The Chain Length

A chainsaw’s chain length is determined by the saw’s bar size. On the basis of the bar measurement alone, some manufacturers even sell replacement chains. However, two additional measurements that affect how well the chain fits on your saw are part of a more precise method of calculating the chain’s length.

12How Do I Know What Gauge My Chainsaw Is

The details you require may already be imprinted on the chain saw bar. Where it attaches to the saw on the back of the bar is typically where you’ll find it. For instance, the chain in the example on the right has 72 drive links and is 3/8″ pitch and 050″ gauge.

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