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How Do You Read A Stihl Chainsaw Serial Number? – Best Answer

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Answer: How can I locate my serial number? When viewed from above on a flat surface, the majority of serial numbers are stamped in the motor housing or crankcase to the left or right of the muffler. They will typically start with the number 1, 2, or 5, and be 9 digits long.

How do you read a Stihl Chainsaw Serial Number?

Stihl chainsaws are very common tools used in construction sites, farms, and other outdoor jobs. They are also used indoors for cutting firewood or even cutting down trees. If you want to get the most out of your chainsaw, then you should always check its serial number before using it. This is because the serial number helps you identify the model and year of the tool.


Check the serial number of your chainsaw to see whether it has been recalled or repaired. If you don’t know where to look, then watch our video tutorial below.

1What Does The M Stand For On Stihl Chainsaw

The chainsaw scale from Stihl. Three sections make up each model number: MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters. Start with MS because it’s the easiest to explain. MS stands for Motorsäge, which is German for “chainsaw”; MSA denotes a battery-operated chainsaw, while MSE denotes an electric chainsaw.

2How Do I Look Up A Stihl Serial Number

A 9-digit number is used as the serial number on all current STIHL products. After finding it, you can move forward. On the MyPropertyID database, enter your 9-digit serial number next to the corresponding tag number. and you are prepared in the event that any of your possessions are ever stolen or lost.

3What Does The R Mean In Stihl

Look for the corresponding symbols to help you recognize model features: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2StartTM, R = loop handle, and X = lightweight version. The exceptional power-to-weight ratio of STIHL professional grass trimmers makes the most of every ounce of their well-balanced construction.

4How Do I Check My Stihl Registration

The STIHL connected portal can be accessed at By registering, you can access the STIHL connected portal.

5What Is Equivalent To The Stihl 021

16″ ISE Replacement Chain for Essie. fits stihl 021, 025, 025c, Ms 230, Ms 230c, Ms 230c-be, Ms 250, Ms 250 C, Ms 250 C-be (Oregon Equivalent 2262), and 325 Link.

6What Years Did Stihl Make The 044

1988: Chainsaw catalytic converter. In 1989, STIHL introduces the 044 C, the first chainsaw with a catalytic converter.

7What Do The Numbers On A Stihl Chainsaw Mean

Three sections make up each model number: MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters. Start with MS because it is the easiest to explain. MS stands for “motorsäge,” which is German for “chainsaw.” MSA denotes a battery-operated chainsaw, while MSE denotes an electric chainsaw.

8Where Is The Serial Number On A Chainsaw

Look on the top of the engine housing beneath the handle with the unit off. The serial number and model are found. on a sticker that is affixed to the housing in black and white or black and silver.

9What Does The C Mean On Stihl Trimmers

The letter C stands for a comfort feature. The Easy2StartTM is a comfort feature found on trimmers. By looking for the bar code label on the trimmer housing, you can further verify it.

10What Do The Letters Mean On A Stihl Chainsaw

Each Stihl chainsaw model number ends in a string of letters that denotes a unique performance feature: B: A toolless chain adjustment called the Quick Chain Adjuster. C: Comfort, for lightweight and ergonomic designs. E: Easy2Start, which makes it simple to start up this Stihl chainsaw.

11Where Do You Find The Model Number On A Chainsaw

Locations of Chainsaw Model Numbers: The chainsaw’s model number is typically printed on a decal or sticker that can be found on the back handle or the side facing the recoil housing, close to the throttle or trigger. They are occasionally found on the chainsaw’s base.

12Where Is The Serial Number On A Stihl Ms461

The starter cover’s model plate has the model number on it. The chainsaws have “STIHL” on the engine cover and are gray and orange in color.

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